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Family of 5 Penguin Ball - Glass Ornament

Personalization shown is optional and for sample purposes only. All personalization is done by hand with paint or indelible ink.


This glass Christmas ornament is not a toy, nor is it intended for young children.

Tips for personalized glass ornaments: If not needed, you can leave any data field blank. We will balance any personalization you request in an aesthetic manner.

Item Code: family-ornament-ORO106

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Description: Usually sold only at high-end boutiques, this glass ball ornament is entirely hand painted on the inside. This one features a family of 5 penguins.

Maximum Dimension in inches: 3.2
Material: Glass Ball

Price: $22.95


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Enter the family name phrase:
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The retail stickers and tags required by US import law can be a hassle to remove, some of which require using naptha (a turpentine-like solution) to remove the glue completely from the ornament. We'll happily do this for you if you like for a nominal amount, ($0.45). If desired, check the box.

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Review Categories for Glass Christmas Ornaments

"I really appreciate your emailing me so quickly about my blown glass ornament.  I'm sorry to hear you cannot change the colors to the ones I wanted.  It would be so nice if I could design a glass ornament and have you make it for me.  Nevertheless, the ornament you sent me is quite good and I am still a satisfied customer."  Catrina W.